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Android: Connecting apps to Tor hidden services

I’ve had to re-learn how to do this every time I setup a new phone, so I’m putting the instructions here for me to find next time it comes around.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Root access to your Andorid device (free in CyanogenMod!)
  2. Orbot app
  3. Hosts Editor app


  • Setup Orbot to do Transparent Proxying. Then, hit Select Apps to pick the apps you want to go through Tor.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Orbot Settings menu, and pick Torrc Custom Config. Here, we’re going to add custom entries for each hidden service we want to connect to:
MapAddress hiddenserviceaddress1.onion
MapAddress hiddenserviceaddress2.onion
  • Restart Orbot

At this point any proxied app should be able to connect to and reach the service. But it’s nice to be able to connect to the name, so let’s keep going

  • Go into Hosts Editor
  • Create entries that match our MapAddress entries
  • Make sure Hosts Editor retains the entries after it’s done, you might have to manually tell SuperUser to Allow it.
  • Now in your app, you can connect to hidden services by connecting to the .onion address.

This method should survive updates to the Orbot app (previous methods did not) but the hosts files entries may not survive an OTA Android update.