Things I Learned About My Nexus S

[This was written August 14th, but I got lazy and didn’t post it. Please keep that in mind when the tense doesn’t make sense.]

If you follow my twitter, you’ll notice that in the past week I’ve been complaining about my phone. So, I wanted to write some things down that may help others in the future.

I have a Nexus S purchased from Koodo running on Bell Canada. In the US, I was using a prepaid AT&T SIM card. I was/am running WhisperCore 0.5.2 which runs Android 2.3.4 underneath.


  • On a full charge, my phone normally gets me through 14-18 hours of occasional use.


  • Purchased an AT&T prepaid SIM on Thursday. 100MB and 7 days of talk & text.
  • On Saturday night, just after midnight, my phone ran out of data. This meant I had used 100MB of data in under 3 days. Unlikely, but possible.
  • Despite charging it overnight, on Sunday my phone died around 4pm. Highly unusual.
  • Sunday night I plugged it in again, yet on Monday my phone died while at the airport. What the hell!?
  • Monday I noticed that my search button kept being “pressed”, the backlight on the button dims and the phone vibrates. This triggered the Voice Search feature.
  • I used WhisperCore’s firewall to block the HTTP requests being made by the search application. From then on it just hangs and then fails.
  • Debug logs showed that *something* was triggering a android.intent.action.SEARCH_LONG_PRESS action. This was causing Voice Search to launch.
  • Deciding that my phone had malware on it, I wiped the data from it. Phantom search button problem still occurs.
  • I used Clockworkmod ROM Manager to restore back to Android 2.3.1 (all I could find at the time).
  • Now my SIM card isn’t working. Other SIM cards didn’t work either. No clue what happened.
At this point my phone has Baseband I9020XXKD1 and Bootloader I9020XXKA3.
  • I tried to flash a new ROM (Clockworkmod again) and bricked it. Stuck at the Google boot-up logo.
  • I found the official 2.3.4 ROM from Google’s site, and installed it. It worked, SIM cart and everything! Except…
  • The Phantom Search Button problem still occured!
  • I read some forums and found that people tried different radios to fix a similar problem.
  • I found a site that had the I9020XXKB3 Baseband, and used ‘fastboot flash radio’ to flash it.
  • Phantom Search Button problem has disappeared!
Today [August 14th] I’m back to WhisperCore 0.5.2 and everything is working. I have no idea what happened

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